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Betonbescherming met een gekleurde verhardende sealer
Date Added:
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Luc Nulens 0497/58.20.20

Other Details:

Een nieuw alternatief tov. epoxyvloeren of PU vloeren zonder de bekende nadelen:


- dampopen

- blaast niet, flinterdun en makkelijk LOKAAL bij te werken bij eventuele schade


Enkele voorbeelden:



En ziehier het eindresultaat τp een grotere oppervlakte.



Deze vloer wordt zeer intensief gebruikt door kleine trasnportkarretjes in de logistieke sector.



Pentra Protective Coating is een hyride Inorganisch / organisch Nano Lithium ™ (Topcoat Finish & Surface Hardener.) This high solid, high performance lithium-silicate water-based formulation is designed for use as both an interior and/or exterior industrial applications and comes in standard colors – white, gray and green. The unique treatment is extremely low in VOC’s (less than 50 grams per liter), environmentally friendly (Green Leaf and can qualify for Leed points) and has a very low polymer odor.

The topcoat and surface hardener is an ideal solution for new construction and maintenance projects that require superior protection against abrasion, corrosion, chemical abuse and easy re-coatability. Pentra offers durability, quality and fast installation – that means lasting protection while minimizing losses due to downtime.

Pentra-Protective Coating dries to a very hard, colored semi-gloss depending on surface porosity and the amount of product applied. This rapid curing, non­yellowing treatment provides long-lasting surface protection, beauty and easy maintenance. Perfect for protecting concrete floors, ferrous metal, concrete block, aluminum/non-ferrous metal, asphalt, and previously existing coatings



.                      •              Out-performs epoxies, urethanes and acrylics in durability, adhesion, and maintenance costs.

.                      •              Tenaciously bonds and chemically reacts forming a durable insoluble bond with the substrate that will not peel, flake or delaminate.

.                      •              Creates a stronger, more impenetrable, and better-looking finish (colored semi – gloss) that is dust-proof, resistant to staining (oils and many acids) and deterioration.

.                      •              Produces a tough impenetrable surface for high abuse areas (chemical exposure, impact, or abrasion) that is also an attractive finish that is easy to maintain.

.                      •              Rapidly cures into durable finish for facilities that require maximum protection and little-to-no- downtime with excellent re-coatability.

.                      •              Reduces maintenance, cleaning costs and costly repairs. Simply damp mop or machine scrub




Pentra’ s unique reactive chemistry forms an insoluble permanent bond with surfaces rapidly curing (dry to the touch (30 – 60 minutes) into micro (2-3 mil) protective surface film. Pentra protective coating undergoes a series of chemical reactions resulting in total cross-linking, reinforcing and sealing the surface by forming a durable, tenacious chemical bond with the surface and therefore provides a long­term protection (many times longer than conventional

The product will be covered by 2 coats of Pentra-Guard